I ‘ve never really into vintage workers’ photo except for study( kind of ).

But there are few exceptions.  Loggers in old Darius Kinsey’s photos are really different (to me ).

I saw his photo first time on PARKER advertisement in Japanese magazine, back in mid 80s.

But back then, I did not know the photographer’s name.  The photo only left a mark in my memory.

Here’s the one.







Later my friend Atsushi from SUNTRAP (a great vintage store in JP )  told me that was Darius Kinsey’s.

Then I ordered two books…..



















These almost 100 year-old  photos are really incredible, yet what they wear, how they wear, how they appear(!) is also striking.

 Their outfits ( and their attitude or aura ) are  significantly different from say, farmer, mechanic, factory worker, construction worker and others I’ve seen in old photos.

They wear 5 pocket (Levi’s or variants) Jean or Logger Jean ( cut like dungarees but in heavier denim and rivetted ) or double Logger pants with Logger boots for their bottoms( the guys in overalls are train related ).  Wearing ( mostly pullover ) work shirts, denim railroad jackets, Logger jackets and Cruiser jackets, sometimes layering these jackets together…and on top of  it, Cruiser hats.

I see eternity and serenity in them…


By the way, on the last photo, Harrison Ford on the 2nd right on first row is boasting his near-mint BLACBEAR railroad jacket! (Takeshi)




I like CHEEZ-IT…recently I discovered  “Reduced Fat” version and I like it even more…







This is the first time I bought them in box, thanks to newly opened Duane Reade around the block.








I especially love its back…their advertisement…its really warm and laid-back and American.

Reminds me NABISCO products in 60s an 70s.(Takeshi)

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