Master design Vol.1

This is sort of Master design to me…












ULTIMA 15  aluminum ashtray from Denmark (1960~70s).






Beautifully timeless, borderless design….generous, inviting.






 Go great with almost any flavor, cool or rustic. ( Takeshi )


Recent NSG (Not So Good) catch

Here’s my recent vintage catch while I was in Japan a couple of weeks ago.













Nothing special….or NSG…..but that’s what it takes( is my English OK? ).

Practically, it is a basic work jacket from 1940s back when everybody started seriously considering cutting cost.

So all the patterns and details are contributing towards one thing…productivity.

Yet, by mistake or accident or magic, this jacket fits me really good, and all the simple designs and cost-cutting details turned out to be working together really well by accidents as well…


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