We just got back from PITTI UOMO.

Here’s a model description and some photos from there.



 As usual, we have been overlapping a few different flavors this season……ongoing and new.  More British flavor, vintage USNs, vintage Logger classic, vintage Calico archival fabrics, some timely feelings and timeless workwear designs…..all happily mixed up.

 New for this time, we have launched a small new line – Town & Country.  Well, it is not that new actually, since it is mostly consisted with our old or existing designs.  These designs may come from different roots and done in different way than original  POSTO’ALLS.  They are more vintage fieldwear rooted than vintage workwear, and finished in slightly different attitude – to throw more interesting mood to the mix.

  POST O’ALLS styles

 1102 Engineers’ jacket / 1102L Lined Engineers’ jacket

 Most long selling design from 1993. Always tweaked.

 2106 CRUZER 5

 The latest edition of our Logger classic.

 1185 CRUZER

 3rd edition CRUZER design. 

1186 OK40 / 1186L Lined OK40

 Inspired by stripped–down WW2 regulation OSH KOSH jacket.

 2115 LINDEN 2

 Finally our new version of vintage LEE classic. 

 1190 CARLOS 3

 Named after our late factory fabric cutter. This 3rd version came fresh with more British flavor.

 2113 P-POST 

A famous USN design.

 2114 Navy Blue

 Our version of now-famous USN classic.

 1515 CRUZER Vest 2

 Vintage Northwestern favorite….in POST O’ALLS way.

 1512 Royal Traveler

 Our classic. Practical travel vest inspired by pre-war hunting vest greats.

 1518 Northwest

 My favorite vintage Eddie Bauer style with a slight twist.

 1255 ZIPPER 3

 3rd version with a round – with – a point pocket.

 1249 C-POST 6

 Latest version of evolving single pocket C-POST series.

 1252 Engineers’ Shirt 3

 3rd version of our deluxe work shirt variation.

 1231 E-Z CRUZ 2

 With fully laid–back attitude.

 1211R The POST-R

 Our 1st single pocket work shirt design. Originally issued in late 90s.

 1397 No. 2 Five Pocket

 Our favorite Five pocket design. LEVI’S-like full cut with LEE-like back pocket fusion. Button fly.

 2308 No.7 Five Pocket

 A slight departure from conventional Five pocket design.  One of our variations in basic straight fit. Zipper fly.

 1378 Double Needle Chino /  1378L Lined Double Needle Chino

 Famous WW2 US ARMY chino with POST O’ALLS treatment.

 2317 POST Baker 2

 Modified fit version of our Baker Pants from late 90s.

 1371 SND

 Single knee version of our popular design from late 90s.  Absent since 2005.

 1941 1102 Tote

 A newer variation of our long time favorite Mil-Spec webbing tote.


 Town & Country styles

 7101  #1 Jacket

 Originally issued as “TRAVELER” jacket from late 90s. Inspired by 30s hunting jacket design. Forerunner of the CRUZER designs.

 7201  #1 Shirt

 Our classic “TROPICAL” shirt ( mid 90s~ ) plus extra laid-back mood and slight Hemingway flavor.

 7301  #1 Pants

 “MENPOLINI” design went far with extra Safari / Beverly Hills treatment.




















Now we are on NY show. ( Takeshi )

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