Some salvaged photos….

I update our Japanese blog every week…..yet I don’t always so in English version…..due to laziness in translatiing……or some reason…

Here’s some salvaged photos from Japanese blog.





Set of close-up photos of our signature #1102 Engineers’ Jacket’s cuff.

I was explaining in Japanese blog why our triple stitch pass way beyond the bartack…..which looks inconvenient and unreasonable. 

In many cases in many brands, they usually trim and clean excess threads…..even in many vintage examples.

But we do it that way……..because I like it……it’s part of the design.






Same idea,  in W-needle construction. Hard to see though….






Same idea, @ opening of shorts’ front pocket.

In this case, I sometimes clean threads for my own pair…..but not the factory job.




I picked this fabric for 2013SS because:

1) Thought it’s a good alternative to a solid khaki fabric….from a distance.



2) And I like its 3-D effect in person…..it really pops out.


Here’s a new design for 2013 FW….I just washed this sample to check the shrinkage.

 I named it NAVY-CRUZ….as its original design was taken from USN summer cotton flight jacket from 1940s~.






As you may know, the original vintage jacket has many variants…..2 pocket, 3 pocket, 4pocket….shirt collar or shawl collar…..

I was always thinking that I would find one in 2 pocket and shawl collar configuration like ours…..which they never did.

This one is lined with wool flannel for winter……not for summer for sure!



I strumbled across this set of vintage 1970s FENDER electric guitar string on Ebay.

I bought it because it brought back some feelings and memories when I acquired my first FENDER.

I was mid-teen and it was a Telecaster……That string came in its case pocket.

Time flies….


( Takeshi )


Some snow……double it up




I did not expect to see this much snow this morning…




It was blowing in all directions….




Then, I felt like adding one more…..white shirt




not over…..adding underneith the white shirt I was wearing




I wanted to uplift a bit….by adding more white for deeper presence and extra warmth….




I like the fact that nobody would notice the idea under the Calico Royal Traveler…..yet I feel pretty different…..

 ( Takeshi )




“SWEETBEAR” has debuted around 2007~8….as far as I remember.  My most impressive early version was in Grey Herringbone tweed which we offered along with Royal Traveler and Double Logger Pants in same fabric to go with.

 I remember I started designing thinking I wanted to make somewhat laid-back version of our signature , fully-loaded #1102 Engineers’ Jacket.

 Later, I combined some details from 1920~30s SWEET-ORR and 1910s~ BLACKBEAR jacket(thus SWEETBEAR name), then fused into my favorite #1102 pattern package.

 These two vintage jackets are my long-time favorites and have two things in common: crooked watch pocket on left chest and raglan sleeves. Both of them are great vintage pieces, yet I still had some desire to make them more POST O’ALLS way.

Its impression is different from #1102 even they basically share the same body pattern.

Different pocket design and layout, different cuffs, double-needle instead of triple-needle, different way of using thread colorway……

The photos are 2013 S/S version in 5oz. Indigo denim.



Back is rather plain….only the natural stitch of neck label is standing out.



left chest watch pocket ala BLACKBEAR.



It has old-style label on back of front facing. This practice will last till the stock used up.

( Takeshi )

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