From Japan

Here’s some of the stuff I got in Japan this time…


KEY combo jacket, early 70s.

I asked to hold this jacket before I left for Japan…without asking any question….size, condition, authenticity, etc…

This is a great peanuts in vintage world….not a pristine vintage, yet great to own and wear….type of stuff.

KEY jackets from 60~70s are my longtime favorites….they don’t have strong vintage aura as prewar stuff, but they have their own charms instead….

I have ever seen this type of combo jacket on other brands, say HEADLIGHT and maybe BIGMAC?  But I’ve never seen on KEY from any period.

This is one perfect design example finished with green ribbon on left chest pocket…..great presentation.


Even though my American Optical has been my “regular” for last 30 years, I flirt with something else from time to time…

I have been longing to get Japanese-made round frame for a while….finally I got a chance!


A great men’s magazine revamped. ” Danshi-Senka”

Contrary to popular belief, “Danshi-Senka=Dan-Sen” has been a real fashionable magazine before Men’s Club in 1950s.

Men’s Club was more for the mass market, targeting for exploding Japanese young fashion interests, coupled with VAN ( the first major IVY force in Japan) in the early 60s.

Dan-Sen was more for exclusive people in the 50s, for the people with fashion interests and money to support it…..which was relatively rare in the 50s Japan.

The original publisher went out for business in the end of 50s , then another publisher took it over… and “Dan-Sen” was never the same….

( Takeshi )

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