C-POST series started its life almost 10 years ago as more like an over-shirt….it was originally in between shirt and outerwear.

Mainly inspired by civilian CPO shirt coordinations from 60~70s ( you know, first with slim-pants, then bells and baggy pants and layering shirts and stuff ), some of these shirts had almost square ( not completely round ) shirt-tail or square-tail, and made of heavier wool, much unlike the original WW2 USN CPO Shirt. But they had their own good, relaxing mood due to their in-between character.

Our version was like CRUZER with only two pockets ala CRUZER Vest,  having single back instead double, and vents ( opening ) on sides of square bottoms.

Then, there went to C-POST2 with minor pocket design changes, then went to C-POST3 ,which now had shirt-tail and it was a shirt indeed, with giving a slight nod to great WW2 UNS CPO shirts.

After the C-POST3, from C-POST4 through 6, are variants of square/round pockets, and with/without chinstrap.

Then, new-for-2013FW, we now have C-POST7, and it is more likely an over-shirt again. Yet it is still based on its predecessor, having round-tail and shirt-fit, but with some adjustments for layering.

The result is…an ideal over-shirt, especially great with vests.

Here’s the lightest variation….


It is made of thin broadcloth with self lining….

Doesn’t look like double-ply at a glance, but it has much more substantial feel than just a plain single shirt….it will grow much different after repeated washing and wearing for sure….with much characters and wrinkles building up….like CRUZER-W.


Then, the next lightest….


Light cotton twill for shell, and light cotton flannel for lining.


Here’s the 3rd lightest.


Wool flannel on outside, and PIMA cotton poplin for lining.

For some reason, I never liked an wool shirt with cotton, rayon, nylon, poly…whatever on inside collar band.

We have reversed version with Indigo Calico shell with wool flannel lining as well…


Then, the warmest version.


These are made of nylon-taffetta shell & lining with the lightest poly-fill ( you see its heavier version in MA-1 ) filled. We have in solid nylon colors and this stripe, and blackwatch as well.


( Takeshi )

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