Coverall Jacket ( Japanese English ), 3 pocket~

I’m in the mood for….Coverall Jacket….especially in 3 pocket format.


Our very first 3 pocket jacket was #1101 from 1993, which was also our first jacket#. It had set-in sleeves, straight-line fit (no A line), with pointed chinstrapped collar band with single button, longer hexagonal watch pocket ala Cant Bust’Em from 10~20s, and home-based pentagonal lower pockets. I remember we made this jacket in denim, Natural, Brown and Black canvas, Express stripe denim, and Indigo Gingham chambray and so on.


Next one was #1106 from mid-90s, it had set-in sleeves, 2 piece Peter-Pan collar, smaller pentagonal watch pocket and square lower pockets. This was our first denim jacket with Charcoal stitch only, and we made them in Natural, Navy, Black and Brown canvas, Indigo chambray check and Indigo Gingham check.  It had somewhat slight vintage French/Euro flavor… was also my #1 favorite jacket back then.


Then, TRON from mid-2000s. It had set-in sleeves, pocket layouts were like #1102 sans right chest pocket, with collar band with chinstrap ala #1102, but 1 piece collar/collar band version exists as well (as far as I remembered).  It was designed during the time Post O’Alls was re-directed to original state by me….I remember I made numerous samples back then. I was experimenting around a lot….spent hours making and modifying patterns.


Then, SHORTBEAR from late 2000s. It was designed as shorter version of now-regular SWEETBEAR. We also had SWEETSTOKER, which was a collarless and much shorter version of SWEETBEAR. Now I feel like I should bring them back sometime soon.


CARLOS 3 from late 2000s.  It had unconventional 3 pocket layout, likely found in Vintage world…but never did…kind of design (which was/is Post O’Alls’ signature)…with slight British flavor to it. Many unusual fabrication to this jacket….60/40, wool tweeds, quilting, lined or unlined…..can’t remember them all.


Here, this 3 pocket version of SWEETBEAR….which came to my mind a couple of months ago…started (my) current 3 pocket fever. I suspect whenever I felt like 3 pocket jacket, it was the time some transitional mode was going in my head…..then I remembered that MATTALINI 2 from late 2000s was 3 pocket as well, then POST 41 and OK 43 from current years…were also 3 pocket. Mmmmm….that means I’m always in transition? (Takeshi)

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