#1271 E-Z CRUZ 5 〜

Right now, we are in in-between season…that means we sometimes go weird…say cotton flannel shirt + shorts+ sandals….

In that mood, I feel some E-Z CRUZ shirt would do the job nicely…1

These are E-Z CRUZ 5…I remember I thought its design was really “standard” when I designed it.


I like these open collar (they call it camp-collar today for whatever reason) shirt a lot since teenager, I used to wear some 1950s Japanese vintage white linen open-collar shirt with these black high school uniform trousers….


They look like these gab shirt….but in short sleeve.


I still like open-collar shirt….until today….maybe tomorrow…..


I feel really sorry that we could not release this fabric this season due to a problem….maybe we should try next year again.(Takeshi)

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