Here, I wrote some item descriptions for our new account…

POST Logger

This is a reproduction of an early (1910~20s) variant of vintage logger jacket used to be very popular among loggers in American Northwestern region. Those jackets could be seen in Darius Kinsey’s logging photographs took in Seattle areas back in the early 20th century. Featuring all button closures ( not snaps or combinations of buttons and snaps as on later variations ) on its distinctive fly front design and chest-only pockets. Various obscure brands ( they seems to be all defunct today ) used to make them, and this one is based on vintage Neustadter Bros. which owned famous Boss of the Road brand. This is one of a few designs which we did not add our tweaks since it posses perfect design and excellent pattern. You will feel the difference and wisdom of work wear design of a century ago, and it really shines in today’s men’s wear mix.




Melton E-Z Rider

Our take on wool melton blazer. To optimize its fabric character, it is unconstructed so that you can layer whatever your casual mood goes. Featuring our original scarf holder inside lapels which could be found on vintage luxury tailored overcoats.

E-Z Cruz 5

We have been making these open-collar shirt with various pocket layouts since our early years. Its best merit is relaxed mood and easy layering abilities over anything. This E-Z Cruz 5 has real basic vintage-styled symmetrical pleated chest pockets for “I’m not different” attitude, yet it has unmistakable Post O’Alls flavor.


We released MENPOLINI series more than 10 years ago and they were originally made of Poly-Cotton fabrics and easy construction in leau of our other over-constructed pants styles. “MENPOLINI” is our made-up word, as they were originally made of then – fashionably ignored poly-cotton fabric (MEN is a Japanese word for cotton) in vintage Brooklyn-Italian inspired design for relaxed mood. Today, we make them in various fabric contents and print designs or ideas, for the people who look for interesting bags in pants variety other than ever-limited traditional ideas.

Happy Holidays! (Takeshi)

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