Super PAY DAY jacket (mid-1930s)










Master example of typical fully-loaded pre-war design, such as extended collar band, detachable ring buttons, engineer cuffs, a flapped right chest pocket and a combination watch pocket on left chest.

 “Super” means it is superior to its predecessor in one major thing – they are made of then-new Sanforized (pre-shrunk) denim fabric. All cotton garments used to shrink prior to this invention as shrink-to fit 501s, became out of fit after repeated washings











Nice and generous anti-boring fit, beautiful deep blue color, appropriate weight and honest character yarns.

Successful example of nice combination of different stitches – felled triple needle chain stitch  main seams, narrow double needle for pockets and stuff, and a couple of single needle works for details, so does the combination of stitch colors – beautifully industrial.








Has all the tasty vintage details yet looks so natural as it should – possessing timeless presence and balance. And better yet, not too good.

This mid 30s Super Pay Day jacket is a key inspiration of our signature #1102 Engineers’ Jacket….and that was the jacket which opened my door to vintage work wear. (Takeshi)

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