This is an Wrangler jacket which I start to feel like wearing these days.







I love almost all Wrangler denim jackets from the 50s through 70s, along with various other brand models.  For some reason, my main image for Wrangler denim jacket is…..worn by black truck drivers with some slacks on, not jeans……and the jacket is worn unwashed….in the late 60s.








The reason why I choose this black satin jacket is……maybe it doesn’t really look like denim jacket.  The fabric, matching stitch, zippered front….it is not a typical denim jacket, more likely an plain zippered work jacket.








This style is Wrangler’s 2nd model from the late 50s, but they usually come with elastic shirring at waists on regular blue denim version…..but not in the case of this black satin.








I have been eyeing on denim jackets for a while…..trying to see some good timing when I really like to start wearing them on daily basis. So every these year, I dug out some denim jackets and hung on my closet when the season starts.








Yet I did not really wear them as I expected…..maybe a couple of times for the most.  So let’s see how it goes this season……( Takeshi )

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