WINTER is here….

Finally, winter is here…..it was almost freezing this morning in NYC.

Here’s what I feel like these days.








This is a dropped sample from 2012 FW collection.

I dropped because there were already too many fabric variations…..yet I like this!

For some reason, I really wear this….maybe we should release this fabric next winter…








Long-absent Town & Country.  I revived this style in Camel color melton this winter…..the first for this style.

Back of pocket flaps are lined with Ultra Suede, and buttons are natural color…..sort of fresh.








Our 1st P-coat, P-POST.

Looks really plain but it is made of official Cavarly Twill worsted wool uniform cloth, lined with foam filling.

Light, yet substantial.








P-POST in vintage indigo calico fabric.

Feels really light, it reminds me CLOSED’s china jacket from the early 80s.








Our ever-popular tweed version of Engineers’ jacket.

This style debuted unlined in late 2000’s, then we lined them for a while…..

I washed it and hung dry many times……really soften up.

Now, feel like to make this unlined in plainer design…..it would be sort of like wearing cardigans.


( Takeshi )

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